Places of Interest

Besides the mind-blowing natural beauty, it offers – particularly with emphasis on the large and superb beaches along its coast, Tenby has a lot more to offer.

There are parks, sports and outdoor activities, historical places, museums and many others avenues that can add to the joy of holidaying in Tenby.


For children: Tenby has a good number of parks centered on children’s activities for children. There are four major parks where the young visitors can have the time of their lives, i.e. Ocean Commotion Children’s Play Centre, Heatherton Country Sports Park, Oakwood Theme Park, Grove Land Adventure World and Great Wedlock Dinosaur Park. Each one of these parks has a world of activities that are specifically engineered to thrill children below 17 years. The Ocean Commotion Children’s Play Centre has a number of indoor activities as well.

For the nature lovers – There is plenty of wildlife in Tenby, and people usually go to the Caldey Island for enjoying some amazing wildlife. Tenby also offers a number of wildlife centers, which are simply fascinating. Some of the best attractions in this line are, Silent World Aquarium and Reptile House (indoors), Skomer Island, Folly Farm, Oceanarium, Ocean Lab, The Welsh Wildlife Centre and the Manor House Park. Each one of these places showcases the wildlife in Tenby in one form or other, providing the wildlife enthusiast with many hours of fun and opportunity to see and learn some amazing facts.

For history buffs – Tenby has some eight centuries of history behind it and there are many ruins that bear testimony of the past, making it very interesting and easy to relive the past. The Caldey Island, the Pembroke Castle, the Picton Castle, the Manobier Castle as well as the National Arts & Gallery Museum, which has chronicled in great detail the history of this town, are some of the great historical tourist attractions offered by this town. In fact, many historians come to Tenby to study about its architecture and style of the 13th Century castles. The Tudor Merchant’s house even showcases some original 13th Century furniture making it an exceptional spot to see.

Another place where you could find some very interesting exhibits of the past is the Stepaside Victoria School Museum. This is a must-see for both adults and children alike.

For outdoor enthusiasts – Tenby offers a great variety of outdoor water-sports such as scuba diving, fishing, and water skiing. The tourists can also enjoy a good game of golf at Trefloyne Golf Course and Tenby Golf Course, whenever they feel disposed to do so. Other great outdoor games would be carting, paintball, hiking, boating, and sailing.

For the nightlife enthusiasts: Tenby has a wonderful nightlife with plenty of beach parties and rock bands that entertain tourists for the better part of the night. There are two very popular night clubs, and a plethora of pubs to make the night as enjoyable as possible.